The accommodation of
any holiday destination is capable of making your holiday incredibly
memorable for all the right reasons as well as all the wrong ones.

This is why coming to a
well-informed decision on your accommodation before you travel is
essential and a fundamental step to embarking on a holiday of a
lifetime. You might be lucky enough to have family or friends living
in France, in which case you might be sorted for your accommodation.
However, the chances are most of you will require somewhere to stay.

If you’re after
something truly memorable and want to be as comfortable as possible
when staying in France, you should focus predominantly on two
accommodation types; a Hotel or a Villa.

of these accommodation types provide a wide range of benefits to you
and your overall holiday, so here’s what to expect from both of
them. With this list of benefits provided by,
you should be able to decide where you’d prefer to stay when you
next visit the South of France.

A French Villa –
The Benefits

Villas offer a huge
amount of freedom and make you feel more at home than any other kind
of accommodation. With spacious properties to choose from you’ll
feel there’s as much to do within the Villa as there is outside.
You can quite easily take time out from your holiday to rest at a
Villa and you don’t have to worry about anyone else outside of your
holiday group.


Villas offer almost all
the services you’d get from a standard holiday hotel in France,
except it’s all private. In other words, the pool is entirely yours
to make the most of, as are the gardens and living spaces. A Villa is
ultimately a whole lot more than a place to just sleep after a tiring
day experiencing the local attractions.

Villas also provide you
with plenty more design and location options so you can pick
somewhere to live that suits your requirements, whether that’s for
interior design or being close to a park or forest trail. The huge
range of private spaces throughout a villa makes spending time with
family and friends a whole lot easier.

Villas are often
located out in the countryside or in reasonably rural parts of
Southern France, so you’ve all the peace and quiet you need to rest
up after a day at the beach. Of course a rural location also gives
you plenty of wonderful views and an authentic French experience.

A French Hotel –
The Benefits

Hotels are an excellent
choice if you’re after something convenient. Hotels are almost
always based in areas where there’s plenty going on, from local
tourist attractions to transport links, making it very easy to get


Hotels are certainly very helpful if you’re looking for a
place to rest after a tiring day out.

Hotels are often full
of additional amenities that make it a very productive holiday
experience. These include bars, restaurants, gyms, public swimming
pools and more. Food and drink can be organised with the staff should
you wish to be served lunch or dinner at a set time, which is a
wonderful option to have when you get back from touring.

Staff are on hand to
look after your room as well as the hotel itself, so there’s no
need to worry about keeping the place clean. These services are
available at no extra cost as well. If you ever have any concerns or
queries, such as numbers for a taxi, you can easily visit the
reception and discuss your needs with them.

Hotels can also be
short-term stays, meaning you can jump from one to the other quite
easily if you’re planning on visiting other areas of France, such
as heading up from the South to the French capital.