The bustling Portuguese city of Lisbon like some of its European counterparts is a treasure trove in terms of cultural experiences.  It therefore comes to no surprise that a city so rich in cultural heritage has a great circuit of live music clubs and pubs and also some of the greatest music festivals in Europe, especially if you’re visiting in summer.  Here’s a sneak peak of what to look for and where to find the best live music on your next visit whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply want to chill and sip your favorite drink whilst listening to some great tunes.

Fado, the traditional Portuguese style of chant is very popular in a lot of bars around the city especially around the typical Portuguese neighborhood of Alfama.  Characterized by mournful and rather melancholic melodies and lyrics, this style of music is found exclusively in Portugal and an evening of Fado is a feast for your eardrums.  Look out for the most popular ones such as La Severa, Clube de Fado, or O Faia, amongst others.

If Jazz is what you’re after, then Lisbon has quite a few clubs with a regular bill of top-notch musicians and which have also seen some pretty big international names grace their stages over the years.  Why not Venture towards Hot Club Portugal on Praça da Alegria , or Onda Jazz Bar, a vaulted cellar featuring some of the best mainstream and world jazz everyday with a free jam session on Wednesday.  If you’re visiting Lisbon in August then you’re in for a treat as this is when the annual experimental Jazz festival ‘Jazz em Agosto’ is held in the gardens of the Gulbenkian.

When it comes to live music, nightlife and clubbing in Lisbon, no other place come close to Lux, a most stylish venue with modern interior, two dance floors, a terrace that overlooks the river Tagus and an artist bill that ranges from popular international rock bands to the hottest EDM Dj’s, so if you feel like dancing until the early hours Lux is definitely the place to be on a Saturday night.

Lisbon doesn’t fall short of offerings on the Classical and contemporary theatre performances either.  The Centro Cultural de Belém offers an eclectic program that ranges from Portuguese chamber orchestra performances to contemporary dance theatre performances and if you want more then make sure to get some tickets for anything that is playing at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos worth visiting even if just to catch a glimpse of the inspirational gold and red interior and witness the marvelous acoustics that inside this architectural gem.  

Lisbon’s music scene is one of the most buzzing and varied in any European city, from the streets to the concert halls so make sure you visit sooner than later.

Guest Post submitted by Corinthia Hotels