Must Visit Zoos and Wildlife Parks in the North of England

are a number of versatile and exciting aquariums, wildlife parks and
zoos in the North of England. Children enjoy a visit to their local
zoo, wildlife park or the aquarium to experience close up of wild
animals. Kids of all ages are fascinated by the behaviours of the
animals that are on display. It is a great way to keep children busy
for hours as they admire the animals and enjoy feeding them with
various kinds of edibles.

Nowadays most aquariums, zoos
and wildlife parks aren’t just a means of entertainment but most of
them are trying to rescue endangered animals around the world. These
zoos and wildlife parks have become homes to some of the most
exquisite and intriguing endangered animals, which have been rescued
from the wrath of poachers. You can get to all of these destinations
quickly, affordably and safely by train.

tickets prices
will vary depending on your departure destination,
but you can usually save by booking in advance. Here is a large
selection of walking tours in the North of England, which you can
pick from:

a perfect day out with your family and children by checking out the
below zoos and wildlife parks located in the North of England.

Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary


welcomes you to a dazzling
that takes you and your family through 12 themed zones
filled with fascinating array of creatures. From the coastline to the
depths of the ocean at every step, the sanctuary will reveal
something new that will leave you and your family stunned. Activities
such as face-to-face encounter with sharks, outdoor exhibits that
include penguins, otters and seals and a thrilling pool experience
will leave you wanting for more. The sanctuary has introduced a
Penguin Island that is the first for Sea Life Europe and people will
be able to waddle along with the Humboldt Penguins without any
barriers. Still looking for more, then try out their Pirate Adventure
Mini Golf, which is a fun and exciting family game.

Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park

an exotic walk around the bird garden, which houses a collection of
colourful birds. Birds are displayed in attractive and spacious
aviaries so that you can view them comfortably. There are plenty of
birds to see for everyone from tiny finches to free-flying doves and
vibrant parakeets. If you get bored from watching, the birds then
stroll down their green walkways only to be greeted by an array of
friendly animals. From rabbits, goats, alpacacas to rabbits and pigs,
your children can play and feed them as you enjoy a relaxing picnic.
It doesn’t end here because there is still more to explore with its
newly planted wood, Wormworld, living-willow tunnel and dome, Mini
Beast Mansion, Seed and Nectar bar, Bird Feeding Station and the
wildlife meadow. Check out this alluring
Bird Garden & Animal Park

Whitby Whale Watching Centre

a cruise through the mesmerising array of whales,
seals, dolphins, birds and porpoises
. If you are lucky you might
be able to spot a Humpback Whale which is seen every 4 years or so.
Take your children on an amazing trip, which will leave them thrilled
as they watch seals lazy around on blocks of ice, watch friendly
dolphins swim exuberantly and gasp at the enormity of whales. The
Whitby Whale Watching Centre promotes the whaling industry and
celebrates the conservation of such animals.

Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens

houses more than 100 species of animals from wallabies, pygmy goats,
meerkats, emus, mini marmosets and many more. Interesting in
educating yourself about the animals and their habitats? Meet with
the keepers and inquire about their feeding and habitat conditions.
There are numerous activities to keep your children captivated and
busy from play areass, garden walks, forest trails to picnic areas,
gift shop and a brand new tearoom. Looking to plan a fun day for your
children? Call their management and ask about their pre-book
activities. Try out their challenging bridge crossings, Leap of Faith
and be terrified from their 120-metre Zip Slide, which whizzes you at
the speed of over 20 miles per hour. Find out more by visiting them here.

Knowsley Safari Park

is a great place to take children on their school trips or spend some
quality time with the family. It is a zoological
. which houses exotic collections of animals from lions,
giraffes, elephants, and zebras to cheetahs, monkeys and various


Take a leisurely drive through the road trail, which
stretched out to 3.5 miles and due to its popularity the management
have extended it to 1.5 miles with the addition of white rhino,
tigers, camels and buffalo. Apart from the animals, the park also
features other attractions such as The Lakeside Railway,
paintballing, ariel extreme ropewalks, fairground rides and off-road
driving challenges.